Canon 7D Mark III and 90D Coming in the First Half of 2018 !

After 6D Mark II (B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama) officially announced, next main DSLR cameras to announce will be Canon EOS 7D Mark III and Canon EOS 90D. According to recently rumors on CR, the 7D Mark III and 90D could be announced in the first half of 2018, and EOS 90D will coming before EOS 7D Mark III.

One of these two APS-C DSLR cameras could be announced on CP+ Show in Japan in February, 2018.

According to the source, EOS 7D Mark II will have a few more video features, such as 4K video recording on first Canon APS-C DSLR cameras.

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via: CR

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  • Donagh McSharry

    I actually think they will put 4k in this camera and they never had any intention of putting it in the 6Dii. If you look at Sony and Canon in particular, they only offer 4K in their higher price DSLR. But most of the other manufacturers offering 4k do so in either a MFT camera like GH5 or Sony A6500. 7Dmkiii will be released way after the 6Dii & 5Div (already released) so it will in no way affect their sales. Artculating screen does not seem to be a problem with regards to weather/dust resistance now either. Just my thoughts!

    • k sand

      I can’t imagine 7D3 having better auto focus so to create new sales they almost have to give it 4k…. that or much better iso lol

      • Tray See

        You’re right k sand i’ll even take THE AA filter out with 1 stop of better iso ability : )


    No more improved video updates in the DSLR Pleeease. People who want 4K, go buy said Sony, GH5 or for the cheapskates get a GoPro and for those that have money to burn, go and invest in the ‘C’ series, Canon make beautiful video equipment there, so jog along or stay and take photos is what I say. Cue the Alsop FanBoy!!! Hahaha 🙂 Come on, where are you FanBoy??? Lets hear your inane mutterings for 4K 🙂

    • k sand

      could care less about 4k so trolling don’t work

  • Mauricio

    How can anyone justify being a canon fan right now? I wanted the 6dmii to be my move back to canon but dual pixel aside that camera is the same or worse than the 3 year old D750. Same way that the 5D Miv just marginally edges out the 3 year old D810. Can’t imagine what canon is thinking now a days.

  • k sand

    If there’s little or no sensor/ iso improvement (like 6D2) I’m officially no longer a canon fan. Sensor is the heart of the camera. There is no justification for zero improvement in that area.

    Touch screen is very nice, I love swivel screens (when built well) & auto focus improvements are great but… Meah anyway