Canon Announced XF405 & XF400, VIXIA GX10, XA15 & XA11 Camcorders

Canon has officially announced several new 4K & HD camcorders today. The Canon XF405 & XF400 has 4K 50/60p, the VIXIA GX10 has 4K 50p, 150Mbps bit rate, Full HD Slow Motion at 100Mbps and dual SD cards, the XA15 & XA11 has full HD at 50p.

See the detail below:

Canon XF405 & XF400:

At the forefront of Canon’s latest announcement are the XF405 & XF400, two videojournalist-style camcorders with a 1” 1.0-type 13-2MP CMOS sensor paired with a Dual DIGIC DV6 image processor. This combination makes it possible for these two models to capture a resolution of up to 4K, at frame rates of up to 59.94p. This means that – should you have the need – these cameras allow you to deliver 4K content for use in news broadcast environments in cases where 50fps is required, or to add a slight slow motion effect to your 4K footage.

Canon VIXIA GX10:

As a smaller sibling to the Canon XF405 and XF400, the new VIXIA GX10 seems to fill the more consumer-oriented gap. Doing away with the top handle, this model loses some of its features such as manual audio controls and XLR ports, restricting microphone inputs to a single 3.5mm mini jack. However, the LEGRIA retains many of the important features under the hood, such as 4K 50p, 150Mbps bit rate, Full HD Slow Motion at 100Mbps and dual SD cards.

Canon XA15 & XA11:

In addition to the aforementioned cameras, Canon has also announced the XA15 and XA11, a couple of small camcorders with an HD CMOS Sensor and an earlier DIGIC DV4 processor. They can deliver Full HD recording in 50p at 35Mbps, and offer a 20x optical zoom with full-frame equivalent of 28.8-576mm. Like the Canon XF405 and XF400, they will offer 5-axis image stabilisation for dynamic yet stable handheld shoots.