Canon Confirmed Advanced & Higher-end EOS R Bodies in Financial Results

Canon has just released the financial results for 2019. In this financial results, Canon said that they will release a more advanced EOS R body soon (Could be rumored EOS R5), and in near future Canon will release more higher-end EOS R bodies.

From Canon financial results:

Although we have launched two full-frame mirrorless cameras as well as ten dedicated lenses, our lineup is still insufficient. In order to recover from our late entry into the mirrorless camera market, we have plans to launch a model that incorporates a newly developed image sensor and image-processing engine that offer even more advanced features. We will work to raise our presence in the mirrorless camera category, leveraging large trade exhibitions around the world. Even amid increasing competition, we will expand sales of higher-end models driven by new products and aim for top market share even in the mirrorless camera market.

Canon will also speed up develop and release new RF lenses in near future:

At the same time, we will expand our lineup of dedicated lenses launching several innovative ones that take advantage of the new mount that allows greater flexibility when designing lenses. We will accelerate sales by responding to user need to capture various images, expanding options by combining camera bodies and lenses.

via: Canon Global