Canon EOS 77D Review By TDP: Still a Rebel

The-Digital-Picture has posted full review of Canon EOS 77D APS-C DSLR camera. The EOS 77D is the successor of EOS Rebel T6s, Canon want to make this camera better than a Rebel line camera, but according to TDP, this is still a Rebel camera.

From The-Digital-Picture:

The 77D remains decidedly below the 80D in Canon’s lineup, targeting moderately serious non-professional photographers. It is still primarily a Rebel in my mind. It has the same size and shape along with nearly identical features as the announced-at-the-same-time Rebel T7i. However, the few feature differentiators are valuable, making it a better choice for most photographers – as long as the higher price tag does not trip up this decision.

From an upgrade perspective, the pair of new AF systems (45 pt traditional phase detection system and Dual Pixel AF system) alone make the 77D a great upgrade from the Rebel T6s. A faster frame rate and greatly increased RAW image buffer depth are also very-welcomed improvements.

The 77D is suitable even for some professional uses, including as a backup to a higher end model, this camera model is expected to capture a tremendous number of memories. Memories with family and friends, memories of travel and vacations, memories of life events and a long list beyond these.

Like the Canon EOS Rebel T7i, the 77D delivers professional grade image quality from a compact, lightweight, feature-filled, very-easy-to-use body with a modest price tag.