Canon EOS M6 DxOMark Tested

DxOMark has tested the new Canon EOS M6’s image sensor. EOS M6 is the successor of EOS M3, also feature dual pixel AF as in EOS M5. The US price for Canon EOS M6 starts at $779, you can find bundle deals of EOS M6 here. Take a look at DxOMark result of Canon EOS M6 below:

Canon EOS M6 Vs. Canon EOS 80D Vs. Sony a6300:

Conclusions from DxOMark:

For photographers considering an update from an older EOS M, M2, M3 or M10 model, the improved specifications make the M6 a worthwhile upgrade. For enthusiasts wedded to the Canon system and looking for a small mirrorless camera to use with existing EF-M, EF-S, or EF-mount lenses, the EOS M6, alongside the EOS M5, offers the best features and image quality for a Canon hybrid to date. The compact size is perfect for slipping it into a small day bag for trips out, especially when coupled with the pancake-style 22mm EF-M prime lens. If you’re planning to shoot a lot outdoors in bright light, where glare can be a problem, the omission of a built-in EVF is problematic; this makes the M5 a better choice, but it’s bigger and bulkier. For those not committed to a particular brand, any of the Sony a6xxx-series mirrorless cameras offer the same compact styling as the EOS M6, but with the benefit of a built-in EVF, together with marginally better image quality, in roughly the same price bracket.