Canon EOS R Interview at dpreview

dpreview has another interview with Canon managers about the new Canon EOS R and RF lens full frame mirrorless system. According to Canon managers, Canon gave them a greater freedom for new EOS R and RF system, and a chance to improve and innovate for the upcoming Canon EOS R and RF lenses:

From dpreview:

“Our aim was to carry on the traditional parts of EOS but then bring in new innovation at the same time,” says Hironori Oishi: “our biggest challenge was making this look like an EOS camera with just a single glance, you can see that it’s an EOS camera, based on the traditional styling of the EOS cameras. And also the feeling, when you hold the camera – as soon as you hold it in your hand, you know it’s an EOS.”

“We used the mirrorless AF modes but we also also included features from the 5D Mark IV AF, like Expand AF area and large zone AF: this is the first time this has been introduced in a live view camera from Canon.”

“It gives more structural freedom in terms of design, because it doesn’t have a pentamirror”, says Oishi. “I’m excited about improvements in Digic image processor and functions that create more value and make easier to use,” says Yoshida. But it’s optics specialist Kato who seems most enthused: “This is just the start of the system,” he says, talking about F2.8 zooms and other possibilities, before settling on a broader-reaching point: “We want to surprise and astonish you, so please expect big things.”

You can read full interview at dpreview.