Canon EOS R Review By TDP

The-Digital-Picture has completed the full review of Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX/ParkCamera). Bryan said that he has a lot to say about this camera and most of it is very positive.

From TDP:

In the Canon EOS R, we are looking at the future and I like what I see. In addition to being packed full of the latest technology and features, the EOS R comes with a new lens mount, the first new Canon full frame lens mount in over 30 years. The new lens mount is optimized for the next generation of lenses while EF mount adapters provide easy integration into existing kits.

The EOS R’s EVF, fast, bright and with great color, leaves me mostly ready to give up my OVFs for the EVF advantages (except for tracking fast action). The EOS R’s AF system, very fast and extremely accurate, leaves me wanting nothing. I appreciate the smaller size and lighter weight of the R while the grip and controls are comfortable and very adequate for the longest photo sessions.

Canon aimed this first R model at a very broad market, leaving out a rather small number of advanced features such as a very high drive speed when focus-tracking, in-body image stabilization, dual memory card slots and ultra-high resolution, but keeping the price at a very attractive level. The easy-to-use EOS R will very strongly appeal to both amateurs and seasoned professionals.

You can read full review at TDP.