Canon EOS R5 Now Registered at Bluetooth Certification

The upcoming Canon EOS R5 now officially registered at Bluetooth Certification. This means we will see EOS R5 released soon. But due to coronavirus, there could be a delay for EOS R5, as EOS R6 has been already delayed.

From Nokishita Camera:

Canon “DS126831 / 36/37/38/39/40” also passed Bluetooth certification. Probably all “EOS R5” (36 is North American version [1-11,36-64,149-165ch], 38 is Taiwan etc. version [1-11,36-165ch], 39 is Chinese version [1-13,36-64,149] -165ch]. There should be a Japanese version [1-13,36-140ch] and a 1-13,36-165ch compatible version).

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