Canon EOS RL (Landscape) Rumored Specs (75MP)

A new rumored specs list of upcoming Canon EOS R L (Landscape) now leaked on the web. We don’t whether this camera is real or just a fake specs list. Just take with a grain of salt.

Rumored specs

  • 75Mp Dual Pixel CMOS FF Sensor
  • Special super high resolution mode that will use dual pixel and sensor shift (up to 400Mp)
  • Can be first to have VR sensor stabilization, but not too good
  • Aimed at landscape shooters
  • Slow serial shooting up to 5-6 frames/sec
  • Very nice VF like on Panasonic FF cameras
  • Dual slots
  • Can use non SD cards for speed
  • New Canon films emulation modesx

via: Personal View