Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera to be Announced at Photokina 2018 ?

At CP+ Show Japan these days, Canon didn’t announced their long rumored full frame mirrorless camera as rumored before. Instead, they just announced another APS-C mirrorless camera Canon EOS M50. So, when will first Canon full frame mirrorless camera coming ? According to latest talk from our source, first Canon full frame mirrorless camera is likely to be announced at the second half of 2018, before Photokina 2018 in September.

Currently, there are three different version of Canon full frame mirrorless camera in testing:

  • The first one is likely a full frame mirrorless camera with a native EF mount. You can use all current Canon EF-mount lenses on this new full frame mirrorless cameras.
  • The second one will be a full frame mirrorless camera with a new mount, something like modified EF-M mount.
  • The third one will be a fixed lens full frame camera, this camera is not likely coming in 2018.

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