Canon Interview: EOS R Pro Must Surpass Past Performance

Recently, Japanese website Newswitch has just interviewed Canon Managing Executive Officer, Takeshi Tokura. Below are some highlights of this interview:

  • Camera market will shrink due to the spread of smartphones, but Canon will look at consumers and create products that make them feel attractive.
  • EOS M50 is very popular in Japan for women. Canon is also confirmed to announced EOS M200 soon to replace both EOS M50 & M100.
  • Canon will introduce cameras for Women and Children and so on.
  • EOS R system is still not very popular, expansion of the system is the most important issue (performance, price, etc.)
  • EOS R Pro/High-end must be a product that surpasses past performance. Feature like “rapid, comfortable, high image quality, high video performance”.
  • Expansion of mirrorless lenses is also important. Canon want to create a unique mirrorless lens that could not be prepared with DSLR.
  • Devices inside the camera will need to be different when the 5G environment is ready.
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games is an opportunity for many people to recognize the greatness of interchangeable lens systems and the value of images.