Canon Russia: Only EOS-1D X Series is Discontinued, There will be more DSLRs Coming

Several days ago, Canon Japan CEO Fujio Mitarai said that EOS-1D X Mark III is the last DSLR from Canon, now this seems not very accurate, according to Canon Russia, only EOS-1D X series will be discontinued, while there will be more DSLR cameras to be released from Canon.

From Canon Russia:

Mr. Mitarai commented that the EOS-1DX Mark III will be the last of Canon’s flagship DSLRs as the company focuses on developing mirrorless cameras. This comment is correct. At the same time, some publications interpreted Mitarai’s words as meaning that Canon had officially announced the end of all of its SLR camera lines, however, Mitarai’s words were only about the flagship line of SLR cameras (EOS-1D X Mark III – editor’s note by PhotoWebExpo.

In an interview, Mr. Mitarai said, “Market needs are shifting towards mirrorless cameras at an ever-increasing pace. We are recruiting more and more people to follow this trend. ”We will continue to bring both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to the market – a discontinuation date for this model ( EOS-1D X Mark III ) has yet to be determined and will reflect customer needs and market prospects.

via: Photowebexpo