Canon Think In-lens IS is the Optimum System for IS, and They are Also Working on IBIS

In a recently interview with Canon UK’s product intelligence consultant David Parry by DCW, he explained that why Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera) doesn’t have IBIS like other mirrorless cameras.

According David Parry, Canon think that in-lens IS is the optimum system for image stabilisation, because different lenses has different types of IS. And Canon is also looking at IBIS.

From DCW:

“We feel that in-lens IS is the optimum system for image stabilisation,”

“With an in-body IS system you are creating something that needs to work over lots of different types of lenses and different lens groups, so you don’t get a dedicated system for that particular lens.

“All lenses move in different ways, and you get different types of shake depending on what kind of lens you’re using, so dedicating the IS system to the particular lens is, for us, the optimum way of doing it – but that’s not to say that we aren’t looking at in-body IS.”