Canon USA: There will be No Delays for EOS R5 Future Shipments

The first batch of Canon EOS R5 now already shipped out, and some photographers already have EOS R5 in their hands. So what about next shipments of EOS R5 ? Previous rumors said that next EOS R5 shipment will be delayed until this November. But Canon USA today told dpreview that this rumors is fake, next shipment is as scheduled right now, with no delays.

From dpreview:

In regards to future shipments, a Canon U.S.A. spokesperson has told DPReview ‘shipping is as scheduled right now, with no delays.’

Since Canon EOS R5 is high demand, so you’d better pre-order ASAP to get this camera early, here are pre-order links: B&H/Adorama/Amazon/Focus Camera. You can also get instantly notified when EOS R5 is in stock:

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