What’s Next From Canon ? (2nd FF Mirrorless, 90D, 7D Mark III, 5D Mark V, 5DS/R II and More)

Canon has officially announced EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX) on September 5th, so what products will be announced from Canon ? Below is a list of unannounced cameras that already got registered.

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Canon EOS R & New Lenses Full Pre-order Links Now Live !

Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera) now finally available for pre-order online. The demand of this camera seems very high, so you need to order ASAP to get shipped first.

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Hot ! Canon EOS R now Already Available for Pre-order at Amazon US !

Hot ! Canon EOS R and RF lenses & EF & EF-M lenses now already available for pre-order at Amazon US.

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Super Hot ! Price Mistake ! Mount Adapter EF-EOS R w/ Circular Polarizer Filter for $99 (REG: $299)

The Canon EOS R and RF lenses will be available for pre-order very soon at B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera. While B&H Photo Video already have Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R with Circular Polarizer Filter for pre-order now just for $99.00. Regular price is $299 at Adorama/Focus Camera. You just saved $200. This is a price mistake, so you need order ASAP before price changed.
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Get Instantly Notified When Canon EOS R, Lenses are Available for Pre-order !

Update 2: EOS R & Lense Pre-orders now already available at Amazon US.

Update: Price Mistake ! Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R with Circular Polarizer Filter now already available for Pre-order at B&H Photo Video for just $99 ! (Save $200 Off !)

Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera) will be available for pre-order online at 12:00 AM (midnight) on September 12th, 2018. The demand of this camera seems very high, so you need to order ASAP to get shipped first. Pre-orders usually a bit earlier for some online stores than scheduled, so you can enter email below to get instantly notified.

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TDP: Canon EOS R Has Long Battery Life Than Advertised

via: ephotozine

Bryan at The-Digital-Picture has just tested the Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama)’s battery life. According to Bryan, the EOS R’s battery life seems much better than advertised. It can shoot over 1,000 images after fully-charged. This is a good news for Canon EOS R.

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Canon EOS R Preview by Jared Polin: “An Excellent First Step”

Jared Polin has just made the first hands-on preview of Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama) today. He thinks Canon has made  a very good start and will only lead to better future cameras. Now’s not the time to switch Sony or Nikon.

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Interview: Low Cost & High End EOS R Models in Near Future, IBIS May Also Coming

Japanese website Mynavi just interviewed with Canon managers, talking about development of Canon EOS R and upcoming plans of Canon full frame mirrorless cameras. From the interview, Canon managers said that Canon EOS R is a well-balanced middle class model, and they will release low cost and high end models in near future. And many people wanted IBIS may coming in next EOS R models. Also 8K Cinema EOS R camera is possible.

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Firmware Update with News Features will Coming Soon After Canon EOS R Released !

According to CR, Canon EOS R will have a new firmware update after the release of Canon EOS R in October, 2018. We will see some new features and bug fixed for the EOS R full frame mirrorless camera.

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