EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens Teardown

The new EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM lens now already in stock and shipping at B&H Photo Video & Adorama & Amazon. LensRentals has just teared down this lens. You can read full teardown at LensRentals.

From LensRentals:

Some things we were already aware of or assuming. The lens elements are moved towards the mount side of the lens. There are lots of optical adjustments like all Canon lenses. Despite being far lighter, it’s still very solidly built with a very strong frame, tons of big screws holding everything together, and no weak joints that we can see. It’s what we expected; Canon’s been building super telephotos for a long time.

There were some other, more interesting things. The spring-loaded adjustable collar collection is something of a mystery to us and will remain so until we can spend some days doing optical adjustments on one. The use of the same motor as the RF lens is very interesting in several ways. Only some more tear downs will tell us if this is just a superior motor type that Canon is going to use in all electrically focused lenses (I suspect this is probably the case), or just in lenses with a lot of glass in the focusing element (another likely thing).

Canon has really been very quiet about this lens, despite the known changes inside. I had a lot of trouble finding out which elements are fluorite (two of them are, apparently). There has been some talk about improved focusing speed and accuracy, which I assume has something to do with the new electronic focus system, but not much. But even if the marketing is simply ‘as good as before and 25% lighter’ that should be plenty to make this lens, and it’s 600mm sibling, very popular. Well, you know, super telephoto very popular.