EOS-1D X Mark III Teased by a Canon UK Ambassador (30 fps ?)

According to CR, Canon UK ambassador Andy Rouse is teasing a new Canon camera body on Instagram. Andy Rouse mentions using “new kit” and saying “I had to take the motor drive speed down from 30fps to 5fps as I was taking too many sharp shots”. So which new camera could be ?

The obvious answer would be the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Canon has already testing new EOS-1D X Mark III since February, 2019, the rumored release date for this camera is early 2020. Will EOS-1D X Mark III shoot 30fps with the mirror locked up ? Stay tuned.

There is a chance this new Canon body is previous leaked Canon 32MP APS-C DSLR camera (7D Mark III or 90D). But mention of shooting stills at 30fps would probably be far too taxing for a 32mp APS-C camera, as the throughput required would be quite high. Although, it could be a lower megapixel feature to get the higher frame rate while sacrificing resolution.

And there is also a chance Andy Rouse is testing the rumored Canon EOS R Pro sports model.

via: CR