Interview: Canon Executives Talks About IBIS and 1.7x Crop in 4K Video of Canon EOS R

Here is another interview with Canon executives by HardwareZone. They talked about why Canon EOS R (B&H/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX/ParkCamera) has no IBIS, and next full frame mirrorless camera will have IBIS, and why EOS R’s video feature is 4K video at 1.7x crop. See the detail below:

Why is there no in-body image stabilization (IBIS) in the EOS R?

Shoji Kaihara: We had to look at the balance of the entire camera, like the size and other aspects. Based on that, it’s not something we are able to include in the EOS R at this time. We are quite aware that there are pros and cons to that.

That’s why we have image stabilization built into the lenses. We believe the lens will do the job of stabilizing at the moment. As we look into the future, we think about how we can build IBIS into the body as well.

But it’s not something we were able to achieve at the time of the EOS R’s launch. We know that there are pros that IBIS can provide, so we are looking into that. But not now.

Why does the EOS R shoot 4k video with a 1.7x crop?

Shoji Kaihara: When developing the EOS R, we looked at all the hardware we had in the pipeline. When we look at the image processor and CMOS sensors that we have — we have restrictions, unfortunately, and that’s why we ended up with the 1.7x crop.

We could have tried to pursue full-frame (4K video capture), but it would bring more instability into the video shooting. For example, heat issues might have arisen. We didn’t want to risk that. That’s the reason we decided, in terms of the best balance we can achieve at this time, to come out with 4K at 1.7.

You can read full interview at HardwareZone.