More Detailed Specs of EOS R3: 24.1MP, DIGIC X, 30fps, 6K@60p, 4K@120p

Nokishita has just leaked the full detail specs of soon to be announced EOS R3 (Amazon/B&H/Adorama). You can take a look at below:

Translated by Google for Japanese:

High speed and high image quality realized by the newly developed CMOS sensor and the video engine ” DIGIC X “
  • Full-size back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor with approximately 24.1 million effective pixels, newly developed for the first time in the EOS series. With the sir and the image engine “DIGIC X”, up to about 30 AF / AE tracking can be performed during electronic shutter shooting. Both high-speed continuous shooting at ma / sec and high image quality.
  • The high-speed readout of the new CMOS sensor significantly suppresses image distortion caused by electronic shutters. Rolling shutter distortion is reduced to about 1/4 compared to the electronic shutter of the “EOS-1D X Mark III”.
  • By blackout-free shooting that keeps displaying images on the electronic viewfinder (EVF) even during high-speed continuous shooting. It is possible to frame a subject that moves violently without losing sight of it.
  • Achieves high-speed continuous shooting of up to approximately 12 frames / second during mechanical shutter / electronic front curtain shooting.
  • Achieves high sensitivity of ISO102400, which is commonly used when shooting still images. A moving object that suppresses noise even in dark scenes such as at night or indoors Shooting is possible.
  • When using an RF lens, the coordinated control of the optical image stabilization mechanism on the lens side and the image stabilization mechanism inside the body Achieves the world’s highest 8.0-step camera shake correction.
  • Supports still image / video recording using the “HDR PQ” method. In addition, bracket shooting is performed at high speed, and three images are taken in the camera. Equipped with “HDR mode” that synthesizes photos. Video expression with rich gradation is possible.
Advanced high-speed, high-precision, wide-range AF that pursues followability and operability
  • “Dual pixel CMOS AF II” realizes high-speed, high-precision, wide-range AF with excellent followability.
  • It is possible to perform AF calculation and tracking calculation at a maximum of 60 fps at the same time when shooting with an electronic shutter. Best Achieves highly accurate AF even during high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 30 frames per second.
  • Supports detection of human eyes, face, head, torso, and animal (dog, cat, bird) eyes, face, and whole body. Further vehicles (Motors It also supports whole / spot detection of cars / motorcycles in Ports. Argori utilizing deep learning technology By strengthening the “EOS iTR AF X”, the detection function has been improved and high subject tracking performance has been achieved.
  • For the first time in a Canon digital camera, it is equipped with a line-of-sight input AF when shooting still images. Look through the viewfinder AF that moves according to the movement of the pupil by operating the buttons according to the subject you want to shoot with the pointer It is possible to move the frame quickly and switch the subject.
  • Achieved the low-brightness focusing limit of EV-7.5. AF is possible even in a dark environment where it is difficult to see the subject with the naked eye.
  • Achieves high-speed AF of up to about 0.03 seconds, which is the fastest in the EOS R series.
Video performance to meet diverse production needs
  • 6K / 60P video by high-speed signal reading of new CMOS sensor and high-speed processing of video engine “DIGIC X” Realizes internal recording with RAW data (12bit).
  • Achieves 4K / 120P high frame rate video recording. You can shoot smooth images, and the sharpness of 4K is that. It is possible to obtain a fine and natural slow motion effect as it is.
  • High-quality 4K video can be generated from abundant 6K data. Oversample without cropping Achieves 4K / 60P video with moiré and enables delicate video expression with reduced moire and noise.
  • Excellent focus control of “Dual Pixel CMOS AF II” such as wide range measurement brightness range and high-performance subject detection Supports efficient shooting with control performance.
  • Equipped with Canon’s original Log gamma “Canon Log 3”. Highlight gradation is higher than the conventional “Canon Log” Rich gradation expression is possible even in high-contrast scenes.
  • For the first time in the EOS series, excluding the “CINEMA EOS SYSTEM,” continuous shooting of 30 minutes or more is possible. Up to 6 hours It can be recorded and supports long-term continuous shooting such as documentary shooting.
Pursuit of reliability and operability that supports video production for professionals and high amateur users
  • Equivalent to the flagship model “EOS-1D X Mark III” while adopting a high-definition vari-angle LCD monitor Achieves dust-proof and drip-proof performance. While having high reliability, the body with integrated vertical grip and about 4.15 million dots High-definition vari-angle LCD monitor enables highly flexible shooting.
  • A magnesium alloy with high impact resistance and durability and excellent electromagnetic shielding effect is used for the exterior. High rigidity and light weight Both. If only the camera body is used, it is lighter than the “EOS 5Ds”. When including battery and CFexpress card Achieved a mass of about 1,015g, which is about 71% of the “EOS-1D X Mark III”.
  • Newly equipped with a “multi-accessory shoe” with advanced communication functions. In combination with corresponding accessories Controls the external strobe when shooting still images, digitally inputs audio when shooting movies, and connects to a smartphone Network utilization is possible.
  • For the first time as an EOS with a high-speed sensor, all shutter methods (mechanical / electronic front curtain / electronic shutter) Supports dimming control during continuous shooting. Strobe with electronic shutter for 1/180 seconds, maximum about 15 frames / second continuous shooting Dimmable is possible.
  • Equipped with a “silent shutter function” that allows you to make batch settings related to sound. Also, turn off the LCD monitor at all times. It is also possible to shoot quickly with consideration for sound and light.
  • The power supply uses the “Battery Pack LP-E19” that can be shared with the “EOS-1D X Mark III”.
  • Equipped with dual slots for CFexpress card (Type B) and SD memory card (UHS-II compatible).
  • Compatible with “Robotic Camera System CR-S700R”. Using “Base Plate Kit CR-BP200” Remote shooting operation of still images is possible with.