New Interview about EOS R and talk of an APS-C EOS R Body by DC.Watch

Japanese website DC. Watch recently has an interview with Canon Executive talking about the new Canon EOS R (B&H/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX/ParkCamera), APS-C EOS R body, RF lenses. There are a few interesting questions and answers in the interview, you can take a look at below: (Translated by Google)

Could you tell me the meaning of being included in the letter “R” again?

The development concept word for this new system is “Reimagine optical excellence.” The letter “R” took the first letter of its first word “Reimagine”. However, in the development stage, various words such as “Revert”, “Reborn”, etc. with “R” flickered with the meaning of “redefining” EOS again “to reactivate”. As a result, we have developed the concept of “Reimagine optical excellence.” And decided to use “R” for both product name and system name. I felt that I could put down the feelings of the development team well.

– It is not “EF – R”, is it? Until now, “EF – S” “EF – M” such as “EF” has an alphabet that imagines the product.

The EF lens has supported the EOS system up to now for about 30 years. This “R” is to launch a new system that looks forward to the next 30 years, not wanting to be on an extension line of EF like “EF – R”, but to position it as completely different existence I thought that it was “RF”.

–I see. The meaning that the stage changes completely is included, does not it? By the way, what is talking about among users is the price of the body. I myself was much cheaper than I had imagined.

I am pleased that we received this price setting favorably. I think that there were many voices saying “It is attractive price setting” to the voice reaching us as well. Because I am the first machine in the new system, I would like to appeal to various customers. When thinking that way, the price becomes important. I think that I could put the new image expression and the unprecedented functions and performances into the price that can be used pleasantly and without any problems.

– Compared with the other company’s full-size mirrorless camera lineup, I feel that EOS R is in a position where a wedge is driven just in between them.

As an EOS series, Canon has consistently stated as a strategy a “full lineup strategy” that selects a broad product group that meets the needs of various customers as an option. Although it has already deployed the EOS M series featuring small size and light weight as a mirrorless camera, it was a piece lacking “full size mirrorless camera” in the lineup. However, since it will be later generations compared to competitors, it is meaningless simply by issuing a full size mirrorless product. As a new system, we advanced development aiming at realizing specifications that meet customer expectations while incorporating the possibilities for the future and we were able to align key technologies at this timing.

– We will ask about two of the simultaneously announced RF lenses, RF 28 – 70 mm F 2 L USM and RF 50 mm F 1.2. L USM. Although it is a large and expensive lens, why did you dare add the two to the initial four?

RF 28 – 70 mm F 2 L USM

RF 50 mm F 1.2 L USM

There was a desire for customers to sympathize with the meaning of creating a new system. When asking the world of a new system like this, we should put out a lens that can express barely the characteristics of the system. RF28-70 mm F2 L USM, RF 50 mm F1.2 L USM will not be able to plan the product so far because it will be incredible size and weight if made with EF mount. It is a product that can be done because the degree of freedom of lens design has increased considerably by eliminating the mirror and shortening the back focus. As a symbolic lens symbolizing the EF mount once, I put out a lens called “50mm F1.0”. I believe that we have created a lens equivalent to this time as well.

– Would you mind thinking that telephoto lens will come out in the future for wide-angle lens even for RF lens?


– The inner diameter of 54 mm of the mount is exactly the same as EF. Whether it was intended intentionally, or was it settled there with a balance of image quality and so on?

It is the latter. Considering various balance such as the body size, the rigidity feeling of the lens, the margin of the terminal, it was concluded that 54 mm is optimum as well.

On the contrary, I think that the inner diameter of the EF mount is at that time and that it was thought well. There are already 130 million EF lenses in the world, the EF lens is also excellent, and there are many important customers who use it. In order to use that lens in the future, I also gave ideas for mounting adapters.

– I think that the EOS 5D system and the EOS 7D system are in a different vector / position from EOS R, from price and role etc. However, it seems that the EOS 6D system will compete with users considerably, but what will happen in the future?

We will stick to our full line-up strategy, and we would like to constantly align customer’s choices. As long as there is customer’s request, rather than narrowing down our products by themselves, we think that it would be better for the customer to choose products according to their use. However, if customer preferences change, we may see changes in lineup and line-up change.

– Another thing about EOS M. In the impression at the recital, I felt that EOS M will continue and strengthen in the future.

That’s right. Since EOS R is a full-size system, it can not be downsized to EOS M size. EOS M has a role / existence value as an APS – C system.

– EF M32mm F1.4 STM at EOS M and EF 400mm F 2.8L IS III USM, EF 600mm F4L IS III USM was also announced at EF in this presentation. From that point I caught not only the R system but also the message that I want to evolve everything more.

We also announced the EF lens and the EF – M lens at the same time with such a meaning.

– Finally, for photo enthusiasts, would you like to message the image of Mr. Tokura as to how the EOS R will change the next stage?

“It was meaningful to change the system …” I intended to have the value that makes me feel that way. The concept of EOS “fast” “comfort” “high image quality” has penetrated in the same way as before, but at the same time for the high image quality part, we have made a system that can stay overwhelmingly high, and for the photographer, the original result I think that you will be satisfied with things, I would like to enjoy the world of new image expression by using “EOS R” by all means.

In addition, this time, we also made possible the usability of the operation part such as the control ring of the lens barrel and the multifunction bar of the main body. The camera is not just a tool. I also thought that we wanted to provide what we have evolved a step further for enjoying it. I think that trial products such as multifunction bars could be installed only at the timing of introducing a new system.