Rumors: EF Lenses Can Directly Mounted onto the EOS R’s RF Mount

We are now receive more and more rumors about upcoming Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless camera. As rumored before, new Canon EOS R will have a new lens mount called “RF Mount”, and a new RF mount mirrorless lens “Canon RF 24-70mm f/2 Lens” will be announced along with EOS R.

So what about EF lenses on Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless cameras ? Is there a lens adapter similar as Nikon and Sony full frame mirrorless cameras ? The answer maybe wrong. According to CR, current EF lenses can directly mounted onto the EOS R full frame mirrorless camera body. The RF lens mount can support two different lens protocols.

From CR:

From this information, it’s a working theory that the RF and EF mount will differ slightly and EF lenses will mount on the RF mount and cause it to “switch” to the EF protocol. If you mount an RF lens, it will switch back to the native RF protocol to support the lens.  Interestingly, this locks the RF mount up into Canon’s patent portfolio which will make it difficult for third party mount adapters to support on other camera bodies.

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