Rumors: First Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Specs List

There are a lot of talk about Canon’s full frame mirrorless cameras. According to recently rumors on CR, Canon may release their first full frame mirrorless camera around Photokina 2018 in September. It will use EF mount lenses as native lenses. There will be also some exclusive features for the upcoming Canon full frame mirrorless cameras.

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Take a look at rumored specs list of Canon full frame mirrorless camera:

  • The goal is to announce a full frame mirrorless camera for Photokina 2018 which takes place in September of that year.
  • EF mount will be native
  • New exclusive image sensor for the camera.
  • New sensor technology required for the EF mount in a mirrorless application
  • There will be no new “dedicated” lenses, but mirrorless will be “considered in all future EF lens design”
  • 4K video is considered a necessary feature in all full frame cameras going forward
  • One full frame mirrorless camera body to start
  • There is testing at Canon of a more hybrid approach between DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. What that looks like we don’t know.

via: CR

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