Interview with Developers of Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens

New RF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens

Canon Europe has just posted an interview about recently announced Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens (B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon). The developers of this lens answered 10 questions (aperture, sharpness, AF, Vs EF mount, durable and more)about RF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens.

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Interview: Canon to Introduce a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Price Below EOS RP !

In a recent interview with Canon Europe manager by EOS Magazine News, Canon manager said that Canon will introduce a new full frame mirrorless camera price below recently released Canon EOS RP(B&H/Adorama/Amazon).

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Canon Interview at CP+: EOS R Pro On the Way, A Lot of Different Types of EOS R Bodies & Compact RF Lenses in Working

dpreview interviewed the Canon senior engineers at CP+ 2019 in late February. They talked about new EOS R full frame mirrorless cameras and RF lenses. Below are highlights of this interview:
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Canon Confirmed Again: IBIS Coming to EOS R Body, Higher-end EOS R Body Coming, EF-M not Dead

According to latest interview with Canon executives by Amateur photographer at CP+ 2019. Canon executives confirmed again that IBIS (Canon call this All Optical IS) is coming to EOS R body, and Canon is thinking of releasing a higher-end EOS R body, and EOS M system is not dead yet, new EOS M bodies will coming.

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Canon Interview: EOS R will Also Have Eye-AF via Firmware, EOS R Pro will Take Time !


A cutaway view of the Canon EOS RP with 85mm f/1.2 lens mounted

Imaging-Resource has interviewed with high-level Canon engineering execs during the EOS RP (B&H Photo/Adorama/Amazon) launch. From the interview, Canon said that EOS R will also have Eye-AF feature via firmware update soon; The image sensor in EOS RP is same as in EOS 6D Mark II; the Pro/high-end EOS R body is coming, but will take time when everything right in the body.

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Canon Interview: 8K Video Capable EOS R Camera is already in EOS R Roadmap”

Imaging-Resource has published a new interview with Canon Executive, taking about the Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless system. Canon Executive said that 8K video capable EOS R camera is already in the roadmap, which means this camera will coming in next several years.

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New Interview about EOS R and talk of an APS-C EOS R Body by DC.Watch

Japanese website DC. Watch recently has an interview with Canon Executive talking about the new Canon EOS R (B&H/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX/ParkCamera), APS-C EOS R body, RF lenses. There are a few interesting questions and answers in the interview, you can take a look at below: (Translated by Google)

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Interview by LensVid: EOS R Pro Coming, No New EF Lens in 2019, RF 16-35, 24-70, 70-200 Lenses Coming in 2019 !

Here is another interview with Canon manager at Photokina 2018 by LensVid. They talked a lot about the new Canon EOS R (B&H Photo Video/Amazon/Adorama/Focus Camera/WEX/ParkCamera) and RF lenses. The interesting part is that Canon manager said that they will be focus on RF lenses, so there will no new EF lenses to be released in 2019 (Which means EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS will coming in 2020), and Canon promised to release the “holy trinity” of RF mount lenses in 2019 (24-70mm, 70-200mm, 16-35mm, likely be f/2.8). Canon also said EOS R is not targeted for pro shooters, a high-end level EOS R Pro mirrorless camera will have a dual card slot, IBIS, fast shooting speed, 4K Video 10bit 4:2:2 internally and more.

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Canon EOS R Interview at dpreview

dpreview has another interview with Canon managers about the new Canon EOS R and RF lens full frame mirrorless system. According to Canon managers, Canon gave them a greater freedom for new EOS R and RF system, and a chance to improve and innovate for the upcoming Canon EOS R and RF lenses:

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