There will be no Canon EOS 5D Mark V (Rumors)

After the announcement of Canon EOS R5 (B&H/Adorama/Amazon), many people wondering whether Canon will release the successor of EOS 5D Mark IVEOS 5D Mark V in the future. Now according to latest rumors on CR, there will be no Canon EOS 5D Mark V, like the never coming EOS 7D Mark III.

The source said Canon has stopped the development of Canon EOS 5D Mark V “some time ago”, and there are no plans to make an EOS R5 version of the popular professional DSLR line.

The source also said Canon is obviously aware of the popularity of the 5D line and the fact that there are still a lot of shooters that will prefer the DSLR experience. There maybe a new DSLR camera coming in near future with some DSLR features, stay tuned for more info.

via: CR