Two Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras Released Before Mid 2019 (24MP, 30.4MP)

Yesterday, Nikon is rumored to announce two new full frame mirrorless cameras at the end of this month, now it’s time for Canon, according to CR, Canon is also rumored to announce two new full frame mirrorless cameras soon, and the official release date is before Mid 2019.

Below are some details about these two full frame mirrorless cameras:

  • One is a 30.4MP full frame sensor, code name K424, will be¬†closely related to the EOS 5D Mark IV. The other is a full frame image sensor around 24MP, code name K433.
  • Both full frame mirrorless cameras will shoot 4K video, and flagship model will have best video features.
  • There could be a removable EVF on one of these cameras.
  • Currently no plan on releasing a Canon full frame mirrorless camera to compete with Sony a7S III.
  • New Canon mirrorless mount
  • Both cameras will be shipped before middle of 2019, and there is no info on announcement date, previous rumors said that first Canon full frame mirrorless camera will be announced around Photokina 2018 in September.

via: CR

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